The Sacred Blood is a short film about the period taboo in Nigeria and its social and psychological consequences. In addition, it talks about the adaptation of girls and women – residents of villages and in a situation of refuge due to terrorist attacks – to the use of menstrual cups, promoting self-knowledge and recognition of power.


“The woman is seen and not heard,” is Nigeria’s slogan.

The NGO PeachAID Medical Initiative is at the front line for transforming the lives of many women, through the doctor Nkasi Obim Nebo.

Being a defender of women’s rights and health in an extremely sexit country is like a threat. To fight for your own security and still dedicate yourself to the security of others before a country with countless cases of kidnapping, rape and murder is immeasurable courage.

It was for this and for the issues surrounding the period taboo that the Sacred Blood was born, to present them with a reality in northern Nigeria and impact so that together we can raise funds and donate for the actions that Nkasi does, promoting safety, menstrual health, maternal health and women’s empowerment.